Best Dog Groomers in Cookeville, TN

Are you looking for the best dog groomer that offers full-service or partial dog grooming services for all breeds in Cookeville, TN? Then this guide is for you!

We are enlisting nine of the best dog groomers in Cookeville, TN, that guarantee your pet a great grooming and pleasurable experience.

Best Dog Groomers in Cookeville, TN

Southern Paws Spa

Southern Paws Spa has been voted the #1 dog groomer in Cookeville, TN, by the Herald Citizen’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

The team at Southern Paws Spa provides professional dog grooming services for all dog breeds. You can choose from their full-service grooming packages (which include bath, nail trimming, ear cleaning, or full-body haircut) or mini packages with just pad shaving, nail trimming, hygiene trim, ear cleaning, etc. They also have dog boarding services.

Website –

Address – 1988 Browns Mill Rd., Cookeville, TN 38506

Phone – (931) 520-PAWS or (931) 520-7297

Reviews – Google

Just Poochy Grooming, Daycare, and Boarding

Just Poochy dog grooming provides your pet with royal treatment to make him/her feel like a superstar. You can choose from various options and packages, such as full/partial trim, nail care, pawdicures, luxury shampoo, flea/tick dips, etc. Just Poochy also offers partial grooming services like anal gland expression, ear cleaning, bandana/bow, and other customized pet grooming care.

Address – 601 W Spring St, Cookeville, TN 38501

Phone – (931) 349-7259

Email – [email protected]

Social – Facebook

Cumberland Pet Grooming

Cumberland Pet Grooming and Pet Essentials offer professional grooming and styling for all breeds of dogs. You can choose from hydro-massage baths, nail trimming, ear and gland cleaning, and spritzing to make your pet look and smell great.

In addition, you can choose optional services like blueberry facials, sanitary area trims, or a full body trim. Cumberland Pet Grooming also offers services like de-shedding treatment, aromatherapy rinse, sugar exfoliation, and deep moisturizing treatment.

Cumberland Pet Grooming and Essentials also has a store that carries holistic pet products, dog and cat foods and treats, pet vitamins, herbal and homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy, natural flea and tick control, and much more.

Phone – 931-528-7711

Address – 142 S. Willow Avenue, Cookeville, TN 38501

Social – Facebook

Dog & Company

Dog-Co offers daycare, pet boarding, and full/partial service grooming for pets in the Cookeville area. Their affordable grooming packages start at $25. You can get your pet bathed, its nails trimmed, and its ears cleaned. You can also avail of their special baths, blow-drys, and full haircuts.

Contact them below for an appointment:

Phone – 931-528-2275

Email – [email protected]

Address – 1321 S. Jefferson Ave., Cookeville, TN 38506

Steve & Leslie’s Grooming

Leslie and Steven are great with dogs and always strive to meet your expectations about your pet’s grooming requirements. They are friendly with clients and treat every dog as if it were their own. Even if you have a shy or skittish pet or one that hates getting its nails trimmed, the staff at Steve & Leslie will treat it with great care. Call them at the number below for an appointment.

Website – N/A

Reviews – Google

Address – 1520 E Spring St, Cookeville, TN 38506

Phone – 931-881-7923

Doggie Dude Ranch

Doggie Dude Ranch offers affordable dog grooming services in Cookeville. They also offer dog boarding and daycare facilities. The friendly and professional staff are especially great with nervous and skittish pets so check out their contact details and make an appointment today..

Address – 2430 Fisk Rd., Cookeville, TN

Phone –  931-529-8766

Social – Facebook

All About Pets

This is another highly reputed dog grooming center in Cookeville. They strive to meet every dog’s grooming needs with services like baths with shampoo of your choice, nail trim, ear cleaning and ear-hair plucking, fluff dry, and more. Here are their contact details:

Phone – (931) 520 1906

Address – 3024 Gainesboro Grade, Cookeville, TN. 38501

Website –

Email – [email protected]

Social – Facebook

Copyright Pet Resort

Copyright Pet Resort is primarily a dog boarding facility but their dog grooming services are highly reputed as well. The owner of the resort, Susan Knox, has over 30 years of experience in dog grooming. She is also certified Master Groomer by the National Dog Groomers Association of America, Inc.

Copyright Pet Resort and Grooming offers the latest styles in canine and feline grooming. You can choose from baths, blow drying, nail trimming, ear care, anti-shed treatment, medicated baths, coat conditioning, and complete grooming packages for your fur baby.

Contact details:

Address – 3033 Zeb Warren Road, Cookeville, TN 38506

Phone – (931) 528-8007

Social – Facebook

Reviews – Google

Cookeville K9 -n- Friends

In addition to first-class accommodations, Cookeville K9-N-Friends also offers grooming services for pets in the middle Tennessee region. Groomer Laci has more than 10 years of experience grooming pets. She grooms all kinds of dog breeds and specializes in Poodle/Doodle grooming.

Address – 5752 Buck Mountain Rd., Cookeville, TN 38506

Phone – 931-537-2275

Social – Facebook

Email – [email protected]

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