How to Stop a Dog Fight?

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II of England once tried to stop a dog fight between two of her beloved Corgis? She had to receive several stitches on her hand.

The issue of how to stop a dog fight is not an easy one. You cannot simply step in and try to separate the dogs. Even if the dogs do not intend to bite you, their aggression could be misdirected. If the dogs involved are large, you could end up with serious, painful bites.

In this guide, we discuss some tips to help you stop a dog fight and regain control of the situation.

How to Stop a Dog Fight


Always use your instincts and good judgment when separating two fighting dogs. Approach the situation with extreme caution. Your dog may mean no harm toward you but you could still get caught in the crosshairs of their tussle. Here are some steps you can take to stop a dog fight:

Use Loud Noise for Distraction

Queen Elizabeth’s royal trainer later advised her what she should have done: taken one of the royal silver trays in the room and dropped it loudly. The loud noise would have provided a temporary distraction long enough to separate the fighting Corgis.

Instead of silver trays, you can use an air horn or bang a metal spoon on a metal plate to make a loud noise. The key is to distract the dogs and get their eyes off each other. You can then use the opportunity to cover the dogs’ heads with blankets and separate them.

Spray The Fighting Dogs With Water

Another easy way to stop a dog fight is to hose down the fighting dogs with jets of cold water. This method is beneficial as it also helps you remain safely away from the dogs while establishing you as the pack leader.

If you do not have a garden hose, simply dunk a bucket of water on the dogs. Separate the startled dogs immediately.

Toss a Blanket or Coat Over the Aggressor

Usually, dog fights begin with an aggressor who starts the fight. The best way to stop that dog’s aggression is by throwing a blanket over its head. (In the absence of a blanket, you can use your coat or jacket). Make sure that both dogs do not come under the same blanket together. 

This method will also prevent you from getting bitten or injured, although your coat or blanket could get damaged. Once you have managed to get the aggressor under the blanket, pull it away from the other dog.

Use an Object to Separate the Dogs

Please be careful when using this method. You must especially take care that your hands are safe. You can use a plank, a baby gate, or a large broom to place between the dogs and separate them. For small dogs, toss a laundry basket over each dog to separate them.

Use the Wheelbarrow Method

If the other dog’s owner is present, you can use the wheelbarrow method to separate your fighting dogs. Each of you needs to grab your dog’s hind legs and pull it away, backward, from the other dog. Please be careful while using this method – especially on large, aggressive dogs. It is best to only attempt this technique when both of you are certain you can manage your dogs.

Spray The Dogs With Strong Sprays

Most dogs hate the scent of essential oils, lemon juice, or vinegar. Try spraying the fighting dogs with these solutions to quickly separate them. Use oils like citronella, lavender, or lemongrass diluted in water- they are safe for dogs and won’t cause any permanent harm.

Break The Dog’s Strong Jaw Grip

If one dog has latched on to the other dog’s skin, you need to carefully prise its jaw open. Use a strong, flat stick and insert it in the dog’s mouth as close to its throat as possible. This will trigger its gag reflex and force it to loosen its grip. Please assess the situation first and use this method carefully.

Let The Dogs Alone to Work Things Out

Dog fights usually proceed according to rules. In most cases, there is no bloodshed and the conflict typically resolves without much violence. Most dog fights end when one dog backs off and shows submission. 

However, if this does not happen or if an aggressive dog does not honor the rules of dogfights, then you need to intervene and use one of the methods above to stop the fight.

Once you have managed to separate the fighting dogs, keep them leashed since determined dogs can quickly cover large areas by running back. It is best to remove the fighting dogs far away from the area to prevent the dog fight from happening again.


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