Best Dog Daycare Centers in Cookeville, TN

We are enlisting seven great dog boarding and daycare centers in Cookeville, TN! Compare and select the best dog boarding/ daycare to fit your needs.

Best Dog Daycare Centers in Cookeville, TN

Just Poochy

At Just Poochy in Cookeville, TN, your furry friend will dive into a world of fun and entertainment all day long. The facility is packed with an exciting assortment of games and activities tailored for day-boarded dogs. Not only do pups enjoy endless romping and playtime, but they’re also given mental challenges through stimulating puzzles.

The dedicated team at Just Poochy is a pack of passionate dog lovers committed to showering your pup with abundant affection, cuddles, and belly rubs. They maintain a vigilant watch over all dogs, ensuring your beloved pet remains safe and exceptionally cared for throughout the day.

Say farewell to those dull and solitary days for your pup! Their prices are also reasonable.

Phone – (931) 349-7259

Address – 601 W Spring St, Cookeville, TN 38501

Email – [email protected]

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Dog & Company

Dog & Company in Cookeville, Tennessee, is a top-tier dog daycare in Upper Cumberland, and for good reason. The center’s commitment to providing modern facilities and unique services for boarded dogs sets them apart from other dog daycare centers in Cookeville, TN.

The Dog & Co. team emphasizes socialization and cage-free group play. The establishment has a climate-controlled play area indoors as well as ample outside space on expansive playgrounds. They also segment pups into different groups based on size and temperament, fostering a safer and more enjoyable environment for every furry attendee.

You can also avail of their dog spa and training services. Contact them below for their rates:

Phone – 931-528-2275

Email – [email protected]

Address – 1321 S. Jefferson Ave., Cookeville, TN 38506

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Doggie Dude Ranch

For anyone seeking a place that not only cares for dogs but also takes a genuine interest in their well-being, Doggie Dude Ranch is a great choice. Moreover, their prices are fair and reasonable. They also offer pet grooming and boarding services.

The professional and friendly staff at Doggie Dude Ranch go above and beyond to make both the owners and their beloved pets feel at ease. They have a meticulous approach to understanding each pet’s needs and take the time to inventory every detail. This ensures that they get your pet’s feeding schedule and preferences spot on.

Phone – 931-529-8766

Address – 2430 Fisk Rd., Cookeville, TN

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Copyright Pet Resort

Copyright Pet Resort is a caring dog day boarding and kenneling facility in Cookeville, TN. The staff’s dedication to pets is evident as they create a safe, supervised playground for day-boarded dogs. Your pet will get to play, burn off energy, and socialize with other dogs of similar size and temperament. They can also handle nervous or skittish dogs,- so even first-time day boarders feel comfortable and secure.

The team at Copyright Pet Resort is always respectful and willing to address your concerns or queries promptly. They go the extra mile to accommodate your pet’s individual needs, so you know your fur baby gets personalized attention and care.

Phone – 931-528-8007

Address – 3033 Zeb Warren Rd., Cookeville, TN 38506

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All About Pets

All About Pets in Cookeville, TN, offers a convenient blend of dog grooming, boarding, and daycare services. Their staff is experienced in handling dogs of all sizes and temperaments. The team is committed to providing great service at an affordable price. They have climate-controlled suites and spacious, fenced outdoor play areas. All About Pets plays music 24/7 which helps ensure a stress-free environment for our furry friends.

Phone – (931) 520 1906

Email – [email protected]

Address – 3024 Gainesboro Grade, Cookeville, TN. 38501

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Cookeville K9 -n- Friends

Cookeville K9-n-Friends is a comprehensive facility that offers top-tier accommodations and daycare for dogs. It features expansive grassy play areas with ample space for indoor playtime.

Recently, they’ve introduced indoor runs tailored for smaller to medium-sized dogs, ensuring comfort for every pup. Each dog also gets plush bedding and they play soothing music throughout the day. This makes your pet’s stay comfortable and stress-free.

Phone – 931-537-2275

Email: [email protected]

Address – 5752 Buck Mountain Rd., Cookeville, TN, 38506

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Southern Paws Spa

Southern Paws Spa is not just a dog grooming center but also a daycare and boarding facility. Your pet will be pampered by the staff here. It will also get to spend time with other dogs of similar size and temperament. They have a large outdoor play area with a 6-foot fence and a retractable roof in case of bad weather. They also have an indoor area filled with Kong toys and frozen treats to keep your buddy engaged and mentally stimulated.

If your pet is getting bored at home, contact Southern Paws Spa and enroll it in their daycare today!

Phone – (931) 520-7297

Address – 1988 Browns Mill Rd., Cookeville, TN 38506

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